Pro Taper Triple Clamp & Bars

I everyone. I've got a 2003 Yamaha YZ450F. I bought the bike used & it came with a Pro Taper triple clamp & bars. I disassembled the front end to replace the bearings on the steering stem. Now that I'm ready to reassemble everything, I don't know what torque settings to use on the triple clamp. I think I can probably just use the stock torque values on the pinch bolts that hold the fork tubes in place, so that's not a problem. I can also probably use the stock torque values on the clamps that hold the bars to the triple clamp. However, the Pro Taper triple clamp has adjustable offset, so there are bolts that hold the bar clamps to the triple clamp. I don't know what to torque these bolts to. I e-mailed Pro Taper and the guy who e-mailed me back says to "get them tight, but not too tight". Obvisously, that doesn't help much...I'd like to use a little more accuracy than that.

Does anyone here have Pro Taper bars & triple clamps? If so, was a spec sheet provided that shows torque settings? Thanks for your help!

I had a pro taper clamp on my previous bike, the six upper triple clamp pinch bolts were supposed to be 17ft/lbs - or at least that's what i have written on the cheat sheet i made for that bike and didnt toss out yet.

Reyndogg is right it is 17 ft pounds on top clamp and 15 ft lbs on the bottom clamp.

Thanks guys.....I appreciate the input. What I really need is the torque value for the 2 large bolts that hold the bar clamps to the triple clamp. The bar clamps are not bolted to the triple clamps using the 4 bolts that hold the bars on. Instead, there are 2 large diameter bolts (probably 1/2"D) that come up from the bottom of the triple clamp and thread into the lower half of the bar clamp. Given the diameter of the bolts, 17ft lbs doesn't seem suffient.

I hope I'm explaining this clearly.......

Again, thanks for your help!

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