XR650L number plate backgrounds and vibration

I recently purchased a bone stock 1994 XR650L with only 2700 miles on it to add to my stable. This forum helped a bunch in making the purchase decision and with some of the mods that need done.

A couple questions for you guys on topics I couldn't find any info on by doing searches.

1) The red, white, and blue color scheme, while patriotic, is not going to do it for me. I'm going to move towards more of a white with black combo. I ordered a 4 gal white Clarke tank and will get either the all black Ceet Gripper or Guts seat cover. That just leaves the blue side panels and headlight nacelle. The nacelle is just a sticker that should come off with a hair dryer. On the side panels, it appears the plastic is actually painted blue. Has anyone ever tried stripping the paint off? I see N-Style has black number plate backgrounds for the "L". Anyone have experience with these? I'm wondering how much of the panel they actually cover? Pictures of an 'L' with these backgrounds would be great if someone has them.

2) I haven't had much time on the bike, but it seems to have some pretty strong vibration, pretty much at all engine speeds. I've ridden lots of thumpers (TT500, SRX600, YZ426F) so I know they shake, but I thought the big Honda motor might be a bit smoother than say my SRX (same motor as an XT600). I really haven't seen any posts about vibration from others out here, but maybe it's just a given and not discussed. I'm going to go through the bike and check all the fasteners, but if there's something I should be focusing on, please let me know.

All for now, thanks for all your help!


I haven't tried the stripping of the paint, yet. I will probably paint the "blue" area (it's red on my 600R) with Krylon Fusion paint. I have new Acerbis panels that are entirely white and I want the area red again (may just use red heavyweight contact paper). Regarding the N-Style black backgrounds, I bought some black ones from the TT store. They cover the entire area that is below the painted zone. Except on the left side panel. On that panel they cover the entire lower area except for the zone where there is a diagonal demarcation line near the front lower quick release catch (it's about the shape of a small triangle). Sorry I don't have photos. To be honest, it's too much black for me. I only wanted black number plate zones so I will probably cut them down.

Cool, it sounds like the backgrounds will work if I go that way. I ended up finding a blue seat cover on closeout and ordered it. I think it's the '93 XR600R blue which may or may not be the same as the blue on my '94 L sidepanels but we'll see how it looks. If it's close enough, I'll put it on and the bike will be just blue and white, if not, I'll send it back and get a black seat cover and the backgrounds.

Thanks for the input.

I stripped the paint off my 94 xr with bumper paint stripper , you can get it at auto zone just spray it on let it bubble,wipe it off and then rinse it with water,this stuff is awsome, you might have to use a tooth brush to get in the tight spots . check mine out in the garage section.

good luck

Perfect, exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

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