Taffy and JD

Hi fellas !!

Been of the forum for a couple of weeks (busy at work, wife's pregant - 10 days to go). Seems the jetting story has been getting longer while I've been away.

You may remember the problems I was having:

EKN needle #4

MJ #170

PJ #48

PAJ #100

1 turn on pilot screw.

- starts OK, good tickover

- 1/8 to 1/4 missing & banging

- 1/4 to 1/2 struggling to pick-up

- full throttle pretty strong

Anyway, today I went to:

EKN needle #3

MJ #175

PJ #48

PAJ #100

1.25 turn on pilot screw

Generally pretty pleased. So much better than before. Only problem is at speed in 5th/6th gear, it really can't pick-up well. It wont get anywhere near the rev limiter!!

Do I need to come down a lttle on the MJ (172)? Or is this perhaps something elese.

Oh yeah, its a 99, YZ timed, no airbox lid.


why did you stop? you were on a roll.

a typical sign of too rich is that it won't rev out so back to the 170 please. i'm in the UK with YZ timed '99 and am on the equivalent of EKP clip 1 (EMM-2)so try two more clips, one at a time, nice 'n steady.

try to get the Pilot Air Screw from Allen's and at the same time a 45 and 42 PJ. take it down and down and it will get better and better.

why don't you go to "jetting Q's" which is a current topic and see how i've fared.

i did tunstall today and personally never felt so old or useless, but the bike was brilliant. so much so that 3 times in three 13 mile laps i got into trouble because of the latest 38PJ with the front wheel not being in my control.

why don't you organise to come up to Anglia sometime and i'll help you prep your bike. you won't regeret it.

e-mail me on sports@elysiumsports.freeserve.co.uk

hope this helps. i'm sure that after reading the above mentioned thread you'll know which way to take your jetting.


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Wow, my '00WR never had a 6th gear! wink.gif

Back down on the main jet to #170 as Taffy suggested. You might even want to do a test run with a #165 if you're running stock exhaust.

It would be interesting to compare this to Taffy's jetting with (his) accel pump disconnected back to back. I would think you could snap the throttle open quicker where his would need a smooth roll-on and run cleaner.


Many thanks again. I've been doing lots of reading of various threads on the site, and finally its beginning to make sense. I'll keep you posted.


I've been following that thread and as I say its starting to come together. To be honest, now I've got something that works I'm tempted not to play too much for a while. I had an entry for a "Moto-Duro" last weekend but had to back out cause the thing was such a pig.

Second child is on the way next week, so while I'm changing nappies I might as well change a couple of jets!!

I did buy the screw from Allens (as per your advise), but what will going lower on the pilot do? Why do the revs seem to hang when the engine's hot?

I'll take up your offer in the not too distant future, and likewise take a trip up to the Midlands. If you want a great day out try 'Tom's Farm' in Rhayader - £5 all day - whatever you're into its there. Its 1.5 hours away from me, but well worth it.

Thanks again, I'll let you know how I get on.


the hanging revs are due to the bike being too lean at low revs so turn your pilot screw out 1/2 turn. this will bring you out to 1 3/4 which is quite high.

this is what i don't get. your running a 48PJ and 100PAJ, APJ (3 seconds) and needle up about 2 or 3 clips on me. crazy!

don't get me wrong, you're happy with it and that's what matters.

what kind of pipe are you running?

where do you live?

i was running my bike with no APJ with exactly your jetting (less the APJ) 6 months ago.

i think that if you drop the needle one clip then two you will find that the low speed will improve. would you try going one clip then another if the first is good please.


congratulations brett from everyone here i'm sure. hope the little sprog is the joy of your life.

i was up your way yesterday at trentham gardens. boy was that the bloody toughest enduro!

anyway i'm sure that when you get the time you'll have a go.



Little "Hannah" came a week early !!!!

I'm busy changing nappies and making bottles at the moment, so not much chance to do 'WR-fettling'.

When I'm able, I'll try your latest suggestions.

I live just outside Wolverhampton, and the exhaust is a CRD pipe and header (92db jobbie). Replaced after a major getoff!!

Let you know how I get on with the changes, thanks again.

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