need help, rear shock

hi, i need help fixing my rear shock absorber, right after i got done riding i looked over my bike and watched all the oil run out of my shock absorber and down the rod. all the oil is gone. i removed the whole shock, and i cant seem to get into the large absorber where i believe i will find a seal of some sort that needs replacing, but the owners manual does not tell you how to fix this or get in there. please help

I strongly urge you to have a shop do it. Heck you're gonna need a nitrogen recharge anyway.

i have all that, i just need to know how to get in there

Trust me on this: Take it to a shop.

Trust me on this: Take it to a shop.

Definitely sound advice I'd follow.....

Listen to the guys above this. You can screw up about 50 times more than you can fix in there.

The shock isn't really that difficult to work on.


thanks a lot for that article man

Just fix it. It is easier to rebuild a shock than a fork, transmission or engine.

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