87 Honda xr600

I found a good one for $1600. Is it a good solid bike? any reliability issues? Does it have lots of power compared to an xt350? Thanks for any info. Also how big of a difference is it compared to the 650?

Solid bike and very reliable, but are NOTORIOUS for starting probs. If I remember right, those are the dual carbed ones, and there were always a pain to hot start. Cold starting was never that much of an issue, once you had the method down, but hot starting can be downright depressing.

DEFINATLY more power than an XT350. And if it IS the dual carbed one, it very well COULD have a little more power then a 650L, but its hard to say. Keep in mind, it is going to be a heavier bike than the 350, though, and it doesn't have a happy button either.

$1600 seems a bit high for an 87. In 91 the XR600 suspension got an upgrade. However, the 87 has as good or better suspension than the XT350, and will totally smoke it power wise. Any 650L has better suspension than the 87 XR. The 650L is also considerably heavier at 330 pounds or so. The 650L has a detuned engine, so it's total power is about the same as a 600. It makes up for the detuning with an extra 50cc's of displacement.

As far as I know, most of the issues for an 87 XR600 revolve around the dual carbs. They tend to burn valves more than the later single carb models. As mentioned before, hot starting can be a problem. This can be made somewhat better by rejetting one or two sizes richer.

Solid bike. I've never had hot starting problems with mine unless the bike was overheating. I've found cold starts to be tougher, especially with the stock pilot jet. Offer the guy $1200 and see what happens. While a 19 year-old bike is no spring chicken, you still see quite a few around and parts are mostly readily available.

Yes, it will smoke your 350 in a big way.

mine is an 86 and i have had no reliability problems at all, not one. mine starts easier hot, 3rd. kick than cold 5th or 6th kick. never ridden the 350 or the 650 but i would like to race a 650 just to see. after market exhaust,air box opened on top and sides drilled. up 2 sizes main, down 1 pilot. works good for me. maybe it is the temp. or my imagination but some day's it seems to have an extra kick and it sure moves. T.

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