changed jetting/still have question

My bike was running lean on the stock jetting switched to the 170 main and 48 pilot. Now I whe nI 'm going along bogging in 1st gear and give it gas quick it bogs then kicks in and runs awesome.... Where do I go from here?? also came into a corner after getting on it and the bike just died like it got to much fuel???

Thanks for the info!!!


first, welcome to TT

2nd, what bike do you have?

3rd, it sounds like you need a fuel screw adjustment, do you have an aftermarket one (zip-ty, etc...)

4th if you crack the thrott'e open on a thumper it will bog. You need to role the throttle


You should be able to fix that with leak jets and a correctly tuned AP. Look HERE for "Tuning The AP Squirt". There's a wealth of other info there, too, that applies to your bike as well.

did you just come off of a 2 stroke? you'll get used to the roll on throttle. but first try messing with the fuel screw.

Raise the needle to 5th clip and adjust the fuel screw. A good starting point is half a turn in from what you have now or 2 turns out from seated position.

You can also raise the idle a bit. I had a small bog too and this cured all of it. I was lazy and only changed jets first and did not raise the needle, but it has to be done too.

I have 06 yzf 450. i don't have the zip adjustment.. is the regular screw hard to get at?

it is underneath the carb through a hole on the front of the float bowl. you need a short but skinny screwdriver to adjust it. I would get the extended screw. they are like $20 and most shops stock them

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