Jetting questions

I've been using the base chart from the site done by Indy I believe, its been a great help :thumbsup: . Maybe Im overlooking the info Im looking for. Are these numbers based upon a stock engine, airbox or exhaust? Something would have been changed to rejet but I dont see what. Ive done the basics with my 06 450, billet insert, grey wire, AIS in the trash and changed out the needle for a JD. Ive been holding off on any alterations to the airbox until I get everything back together (installing a Baja Designs kit also) but as Im working it dawns on me Im not sure where my jetting will be if I start opening the airbox.

Open the airbox straight away!!!! You need all the air flow possible, and the WR 'box is all restricted by the battery. If you don't, you might just have to change jetting again.

Indy's jetting is for a de-restricted bike with de-restricted exhaust.

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