burning oil


I just got back from 10 day riding trip in northern AZ. The trip was awesome, but the continuous hard riding has taken its toll on my engine. The last two days of my trip were spent at Cinder Hills (major hill climbs/ long full throttle runs under load). On the last days of my trip I noticed smoke coming from my pipe when I would jam the throttle. I checked the oil and it was low. I have ridden the bike about four times since I have been back in FL. and the bike runs great but is still burning oil, although it doesn't seem to smoke as badly.

I am thinking I should look at my piston and rings, but wouldn't I notice a performance issue if this was the problem?

Is there something else I could check first before tearing the bike down?

It is an 2003 yz450, and I changed the oil about every 10 hours of ride time during the trip.

Any tips, or advice, or is it tear down #3 for this bike?

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