FYI: 2006 YZ450 and maybe YZ250

I put my new "THE WORKS" radiator guards on this weekend. Look great, installed well. In the process I went through and checked some of the bike over. You might want to check under your front number plate. The way MY harness was ran and tied down put allot of strain on some of the wires (future It was easy to fix just cut some of the existing tie wraps loosened up and re-tie. I also installed a new "THE WORKS" skid plate. All went fairly well with that also, but anyone else installing one of these might want to check the clearance between the skid plate mounting holes and frame. Once I snugged plate against frame there was appx. .150" gap between them. Now you could just lock-tite (like instructions say) and pull plate up to frame but that would put allot of stress on the frame mounting tabs and bolts so I put spacers between. This makes it allot nicer. :thumbsup:

Thans for the heads up

When you say "The works" do you mean Works Connection? There's replaces the stock glide plate, right? I would like to find a plate that covers the area between the frame rails above the stock glide plate & utilizes the two screws there to anchor itself at the bottom. Anyone seen something like this?

Freedom- sounds like the WC is what you are looking for.

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