Baja Designs DOT kit for sale

I recently picked up a 2000 WR400 and it was

equipped with a DOT kit from Baja Designs. I

have been removing the kit and would like to

sell it. The kit can be viewed in the January

Dirt Rider mag on page 105. I believe the WR kit is at the high end of the price range, I would like to get 150.00 for it.

I might be intrested. Do you know of any problems with it. Where are you from? Does it use the stock headlight? My email is



i would like to purchase your kit.... please call me at 1-888-826-8427 pacific time... lets talk! just ask for shane

talk to ya latter!

ps you looking for any after market goodies? let me know i may have something your interested in

If you still need a buyer for the kit, I would be interested. You can contact me at

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