re-jet for elevation drop.. Quesitons..

Hello all.

I hope this is a rather simple question and answer. I ride at 4500 feet of elevation and am considering taking my bike with me to Tracy, California next week. I looked around and found that the elevation of Tracy is like 100 Feet (at least according to Ask Jeeves..). I plan on taking my carb apart tonite to see what main it has now. It really does run well with its current set up, so I have been hesitant to start screwing with it.

So, I want to take some jets with me and not wanting to buy a dozen of them. I am not too concerned with the low end, just top end (full throttle).

Anyone near Tracy that can tell me what main jets you guys are running?



'01 WR 426, unplugged, air box lid removed, throttle stop shortned, stock carb needle.


4400' is quite a change. You will probably need to go richer. Depending on what gas you use (race or pump) will depend how much richer you need to go. If using pump gas, you will probably need to go to the stock jetting specs. Race gas, you might be able to go a bit leaner than stock.

I live at 4000' and frequently ride at 1000-1800' and the bike usually runs fine. I sometimes need to richen the fuel screw as th only adjustment. I use race gas exclusively so I can get away with a little more than with pump gas.

Hope this helps you, Ernie


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