Heavy wind moves bike around a lot

Of all the mods I've done to my bike (Sumo wheels, shorter front fender, small wind screen, etc.), the one that's made the most improvement for handling in the wind is the installation of a Scotts steering damper.

My XRL is now pretty much rock solid on the highway in the wind and rain ... although I still get buffeted around, the bike is straight and steady. I've imagined what it must look like from behind to see the bike nice and steady, but the rider (me) flopping around like a fish on a hook. :thumbsup::moon: :moon:

Maybe I need to invest in one of those dampers as well. I ride the parkway here in Pittsburgh with my MX helmet on and between my head and the handlebars, I can't tell which is shaking worse. I've learned to be patient and TRY to keep my speeds around 60mph, anything above 75mph gets real interesting.. Add in a crosswind and forget it..

I need a street helmet anyways, the temps are getting cold here and a MX style helmet is not kind to the face in cold temps...

Its tall, for a streetbike.

And its really light, for a streetbike.

And it has large, high fenders.

And airscoops.

be glad it stays on the ground!


well said, high winds move my little car around so imagine 500lbs bike.

What Dave said but you could try running higher air preasure on the street.I've been keeping it about 28psi on the street.

Higher tire psi wont change wind blowing a bike around at all. tire psi depends alot on what tire also.

Tire pressure will help with bike stabilization-----think of your car;when you have extremely low tire pressure doesn't your car stray/wobble.

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