KL:X110 air / fuel mixture adjustment

I own a 2006 KLX110 and was doing some mods in these threads like rejetting, opening the air box and exhaust. I did these and it seemed to be running rich so I read the threads again and it said to adjust the air / fuel 2 turns out. Well I took off the carb and looked all around to find the screw and could not find it. Finally I looked at what looked like a cap that turned out to be the adjustment. I had to tap in a small socket to get it to turn. My question is are all KLX110 carbs like this ? Is there a special tool for this ? Is there a reason Kawasaki does this? I have looked at several other carbs (Mikuni) and they all have normal adjustment screws.

My '06 is the same way. Not sure why they make it so hard to adjust. I ended up cutting a slot in the top so I can adjust it with a small screw driver.

once you get a bbk for it by by stock carb but thats what kawi wants.

once you get a bbk for it by by stock carb but thats what kawi wants.

Dirtbikeq, Are you saying buy a BBK Carb ? If so how much better does it run with a non big bore 110 ?

If your not going to install a big bore kit, why would you want a different carb? If your unhappy with the new "D" style airmix screw, just order one from an older model 110.

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