My new YZ450F

Hey all I have a question. I just picked me up a brand spankin new 06 YZ450F for easter. I have been doing allot of reading mostly here on what I should do to this bike before I begin riding. I understand there are several things that most of you that own one have or wish you have done. Chain, forks, jetting, exhaust etc.. are some things I have herd. Any answers I would greatly appreciate. Thanks

I rejetted w/ a 48/168, replaced the front tire w/ a Maxxis IT, replaced the chain w/ a RK glod O ring, raised the forks to the first notch and greased my rear swingarm bolt and linkage. Then I went riding for the afternoon, broke it in using heat cycles and set the rear sag and made very minor suspension adjustments here and there.

Final almost 'works' like bike that is nothing like anything else I have ever ridden. Nice suspension, good cornering and high speed stability. Very neutral jumper too. :thumbsup:

Oh yeah..................welcome to T/T. :thumbsup:

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