Spring for 89 XR600R

I seem to be having trouble finding a 11.5 kg spring for my rear end. Race Tech didn't have one Parts411 had it on the web site but then said they don't carry Eibach springs any more. I need Eibach 894.0115.1 but I don't care who makes it aslong as its 52x52x245mm and 11.5 kg. Any one know who carries one?Thanks

I have a new spring for an 89 that I bought for mine, but after I got it I realized Someone had put a newer shock on my bike. Can't remember the rate, might be 11. I'll check tommorow.

Yep Called XRS only today. Out of stock but he said they were putting in a big order for spring and to call back next Friday.Don't ya love 17 year old bikes. People don't carry parts just cause it wasn't built in this century.Good thing it's stone axe reliable

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