Help Me decide which system!!!

Ok, I've decided to go with the FMF 4.1 full system on my 06 450F... the kicker is that I can't decide which system...

Which would you choose?

Full stainless with stainless powerbomb- $345 shipped

Full Titanium with ti powerbomb- $515 shipped

Full Titanium with ti Megabomb- $565 shipped

Last bike I had a Dr. D and didn't mind the stainless system, but I must admit the TI systems do look really cool.

And for all the na-sayers, yes I do need more horse power... why would I want to be at a disadvantage? If you ever have ridden Horn Rapids in WA you'll understand why I'm chasing a 60hp machine... HAHAHA :thumbsup:

Post up you opinions

i would go with the ti megabomb cauz for1 ti is strong and2 megabomb very awasome

I vote for Carbon, even though its not a listed choice. :thumbsup: Otherwise go with the full Ti. Its just money. :thumbsup:

ti Megabomb all the way :thumbsup::thumbsup::confused:

(afterall it's your money... not mine) :bonk:

Ti megabomb.Thats what I am running on my 450.Here is a pic of the pipe on my bike:



I would go with the stainless steel solely for the reason of strength for offroad. but the full ti with megabomb sounds pretty sweet

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