Good Exhaust for Street

I know this subject has been talked about many times. What's a good exhaust for street use? I'm going to upgrade my exhaust but would like some input from people who actually have any of the brands listed below. These are some I'm looking at: Staintune, XRs Only, White Bros or possibly other brands. I like the look of the Staintune but I use this bike mainly on road so I don't want to be getting pulled over all the time. I'm worried that the XRs Only maybe a little loud. The bike currently has either FMF or HMF Performance Series with the disc's on the end. I don't like the disc so I'm looking for something that exits out the rear and doesn't shoot the exhaust back at my leg like the current set-up does. I want a good sounding exhaust and a performance increase would be great too. Also I think the Stainless system of the Staintune would look good for many years. Thanks for any input. :thumbsup:

I have the XRs only full system in stainless oval. And this thing look very good and probably over built. It's not quiet but there is an insert you can get to quiet it down if it's to loud. What ever you get go with the stainless. I'm also running the XRs only mikuni flat slide carb with this exaust and could not be happier.

I run a PowerBomb header and a WB R-4, it's a little loud, performance is good, but if you wack the throttle alot it's gets more attention than I like, but in AZ there's so many really loud Hardly Abelsons mine seems mellow.

It really depends on what DB level you are comfortable running. The quick and dirty answer would be an FMF Q or Q2, since it's very quiet. If your looking for the best of both worlds, the White Bros. Q2 is a good choice with it's removable rear tip. Otherwise, several exhuast manufacturers offer high-flow pipes that are on the loud side.

I have a FMF Powercore4 that I really like. Except that it is loud. I've purchased an optional quiet tip and better packing to try and quiet it down.

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