Spark Arrestor

I am going to be getting a YZ450F some time in the future and was wondering about spark arrestors. Can I just get an insertable one or do i have to get one of those PMB ones. I dont want to buy a new pipe since i am running low on funds and the bike is powerful enough. Thanks for any input

Would this Spark arrestor work on the stock exhaust. It says GYTR but would it still work???

I'm looking at the same thing for my YZ400F... but I can't tell if I have that specific one or not... the other option is the end cap replacement from Pro Billet (I think that's who has them) but $30 is cheaper then $120 or so.

PMB is the way to go. Their (PMB's) insert looks almost the same as GYTR, unfortunately the GYTR only works in a GYTR exhaust, nowhere for it to go in a stock pipe.

Yep, unless you have a GYT-R pipe you can't use the GYT-R spark arrestor. The PMB seems well worth it to me, but I haven't even started my bike since I installed it. If you get the PMB, go for the new cone style, they are trick looking.

I have a PMB SA on the end of my stock silencer. Virtually no power difference than the stock tip. Well worth the money.

:confused: I bought a WHITE BROS. E-2. It has spark arrester and runs about 93db.I have not noyiced any power loss :thumbsup: Pipe was $359 at moto sport outlet. :thumbsup:
:confused: I bought a WHITE BROS. E-2. It has spark arrester and runs about 93db.I have not noyiced any power loss :thumbsup: Pipe was $359 at moto sport outlet. :thumbsup:

That's a lot cheaper than the PMB insert. :bonk:

Could I make a spark arrestor myself legally. My dad works in a machine shop so i have the materials and he has a mechanical engineering degree so i think we would be able to rig something up. But would it be legal

You can rig up whatever you want, but it won't be legal. Sparkies have to be USFS tested and approved, and the muffler needs to be stamped saying so. Most people checking for sparkies will probably be able to easily tell if you rigged your stock pipe and stamped "USFS Approved" onto it. Don't risk it, just get the PMB.

Thanks, I thought I had heard that before but wasnt sure. But do you know why it has to say USFS. It really shouldnt matter should it?? Because if i were to make a replica of an aftermarket sparkarrestor out of the exact same material in the exact same design would it not function just the same. Sounds like somebody is on a powertrip :bonk::confused::bonk::thumbsup::thumbsup:

It has to say USFS because that is what people look for when checking for a sparky, the pipe manufacturers have them tested to see if they meet USFS requirements before releasing them.

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