Fork alignment

Last weekend while riding I took a little spill and tweaked my steering. The forks twisted a little in the clamps. I loosened the lower clamps on the trail and adjusted it well enough to ride. It still wants to push right in the soft sand and deflects to the right when the suspension compresses. The suspension is set evenly on the forks. Do you have any surefire ways to get the alignment straight or is it just "eyeball and testride"?


I too did the same thing yesterday. Forks have twisted in the clamps, buckled the rim and broke a couple of spokes. The rim shouldn't be too much of a problem to sort out but the fork alignment has got me a bit worried. Anybody got any suggestions?

You need to loosen the upper and lower triple clamp pinch bolts and also loosen the axle pinch bolts and the axle nut. This should remove any stress the components have and allow everything to fall back into place assuming nothing is bent. The axle can bend in a significant crash. This is easy to check by turning the axle and watching the wheel for side to side movement.


MX Tuner

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