Understanding AP Adjustment

I took my carb out today to change jets and I thought I would check my ap adjustment since I never have. I read the service manual and several threads but I just don't understand. The book says to turn the screw in until there is free play. Play in what? The metel adjustment linkage or the plastic arm that pushs on the rod? The more I turn the screw in the tighter everything gets. Am I understanding this correct? Someone please help me! Thanks


Have you checked out this site yet?? it explains the procedure fairly well. I hope this helps

My bike is an 03. I didn't think that the bk mod works on this model year?

Look HERE for tons of info that applies to your bike. If you still have questions, post again.

Okay, found another write up on the FAQ section. This is the best explanation I have seen so far. I think I understand that you are not adjusting to free play of the actuator cam but of the rod. Is that right?

Sort of. You are adjusting the free play of the linkage which pushes the rod, but there is free play in the rod itself before it actually starts moving the AP diaphragm, so, in essence, yes. In other words, you could have free play between the linkage and the cam follower (which has the adjustment screw) and also between the rod and the diaphragm.

Think I now understand. Puttin it back together now. Thanks for the help.

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