Wanted: cams and/or exhaust

I have a 2001 wr426 and would like to change the cams and exhaust. I would be happy with a full stock exhaust system from a 98-02 yzf 400 or 426, but if you have an aftermarket exhaust for either a yzf or wr, that would be fine as long as it is reasonably priced. I would also like to change the cams to the newer auto decompression yzf style. I will take a set of stock 00-02 yzf 426 cams if they are cheap enough. Im not really too picky so shoot me some offers on what you have. Im just looking for a little bit more power and would like to get rid of that pesky lever at the same time. You can email at JUSTINBOBB@gmail.com or call me at 814-571-3782



dude you need wr450 cams for the auto decomp, yz are the same as yours

Oh....I wasnt aware that the 450 cams would work with my 426. What years? From what i have seen, all the aftermarket 98-02 yz cams come with the auto decompressor in them already. I dont mind just having yz cams without the auto decompressor if they are cheap, I will still have more power by putting them in. Is there any difference between the yz 400 and 426 stock cams?

Just sent you a PM :thumbsup:

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