Air Filter

This may be a stupid question, but how do you get the filter off the cage? Does the filter stretch around the plastic end point or does it unscrew? In the service manual it looks like the filter pulls off. My filter feels like it is going to tear, it looks like it is glued on! I have the stock filter. Any pointers greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

That plastic end piece should just come off. I would try wiggling the end piece and pulling at the same time. Hope that helps you.

It should just stretch over the cage. If you have difficulty due to sticky oil, soften it all in a bucket of detergant/fuel, it should come off easily after that :thumbsup:

stretch the foam filter off...... so easy. better yet, just go get a UNI.


i'm with boer

drop it into a bucket of hot water first and it will stretch heaps, still be careful though.

good luck

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