Steering damper CHEAP

Well I'm racing my 'tarded 650R at Barber May6th with wera

I have to have a steering damper

I have a GPR for my 04 GSXR750 but tis the pinless kind and i can't use it on my XR

whats the cheapest way to put a damper on the XR

90% of the time it doesn't need one but its required...

[quote name=Maximus86 whats the cheapest way to put a damper on the XR

90% of the time it doesn't need one but its required...[/quote]

I've been looking into this as well. There are several methods and manufactures to handle your damper needs. The one I found to be the fastest most economical is the WER damper. Works Enduro Rider. I don't know if they are the best but for 319.00 you can get it on the bike and ready to ride. It mounts to the front forks not the top clamp. On the XR you have a problem mounting dampers because they cover the oil dipstick, therefore you have to remove it each time you check and fill the oil. If you're racing I don't think thats the route you want to take.

There are numerous companies like Scotts, GPR, and BRP that now make top clamps that accomodate submounts and forward mounts for the damper, but you said you wanted to go cheap. Those things can run up to 3 bills without the damper.

Other guys amy have some solutions better than this but your question was cheap, I thing WER is the cheapest start from scratch buy and ride deal out there. Again, I'm not making quality comparisons jsut ease of application and price. Ask yourself, is this item what you want to go cheap on?

Good Luck and I hope that helped.

The GPR forward mount is economical if you buy the original version (model 1). I believe you can pick one up for a little over $300.00 mounts included.

thanks guys for replies

yeah-the GPR i have for my GSXR is the new "pinless" type so i can't use it with the XR mounting hardwear-i'd have to buy another one-so i'm thinkin about just getting a universal side mount one with a 46mm fork bracket-that should be around $150

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