XR600 XL600R frame difference ?

Anyone know how different the '85 - '92 XR600 frame is compared to the XL600R frame ? I am wondering if I can use a XR600 frame to replace my XL600R frame that is pooched. The main concern is will my dual carb setup work in the XR600 frame, and are the head tube brarings the same size ?

I'm sure this question has been asked here before, but I couldn't find it.

Thanks, Greg

You can check this link for info. But, as always, do your homework to make sure.


"1985 - 1987 Honda XR 600

Honda, realizing that more cc's meant more power, injected a 100cc dose to the XR 500 engine making the XR 500 an XR 600 in 1985. This made a fairly strong running machine run a bit stronger. Other changes included an aluminum, rather than steel swingarm, a dry sump engine oiling system, and frame changes.

Except for graphics, the XR 600 did not change appreciably until 1988."

I have both...however, they are both at my brother's house. As I remember, the XR has a more continuous frame, whereas the XL frame is welded together from small segments, especially around the rear engine/swingarm mount. The XL sits a wee bit lower and uses different footpeg mounts. You will run into a few issues when you try to mount the airbox. I believe you will need to find that piece from an XR, along with the tank and seat. The rest should be fine. I already bolted up an XR swingarm on the XL.

Right on, thanks. :thumbsup:

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