06 WR450F lowering question

I live in Santa clarita, any suggestions where I might take it? Do you think it would be in the $300-$500 range?

I think there is a suspension shop around where you live. The rear shock isn't too bad. They just take it apart and put a spacer in it. You can use the same spring. But I don't know if your doing your forks also.

When I wanted mine lowered professionally I got over a dozen quotes. Some up to $950!

Mikes Suspension in OK was the second cheapest and sounded like he knew his stuff! With shipping and all parts to rebuild forks and shocks and new seals/fluids I think I was at $460 total. Which I was very very very happy with!!

I just had mine professionally lowered one inch with spacers.  I really like it. I've previously cut the seat down a bunch, and lowered the forks a bit in the triple clamps, race sag set properly, etc. And it was still just enough too tall for my liking with a 30" inseam.. After the mods I did put the forks up in stock position in the triple clamps- might lower them a half inch... But I am really happy with the change.  I had it all redone- overhaul front and rear, revalved the front, springs, etc. Not cheap-over 8 bills. $$$ but its very nice.

If youre looking for a shop in San Francisco, hit up Superplush suspension. Great shop.  https://superplushsuspension.com/




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