High Altitude Jetting


I've ordered a Dr.D full exhaust should be here any day. I bought the bike in S.Cal it has stock jets in it as far as I know.

I'm familiar with jetting bikes for street but I used a different company and the kits I ordered I could choose what size jets where in them.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to re-jet once I put the bike back together and go ride. So I'm looking to order one of the jet kits from the TT store. My question is will these off the shelf kits have the proper jetting for my altitude and exhaust?

I'll mostly be riding around 4000ft elevation.

Also is any one better then the other? I see JD, FMF, and Moose kits.

I saw the sticky I just didn't scroll down. The first post was a how to so I left the thread alone. I see it now that I scrolled down a few posts.

Looks like I'll need somewhere around a 48 pilot and 162 or so main. The kits do not say what jets come in them. I was wondering what these kits come with there is no break down showing a parts list. I guess I can always buy individual jets and go from there.

If your not in a hurry, I'll tell you Monday. I'm riding at Johnson lane this weekend. I think it's about 4500'. 48 pilot, stock main and 5th clip on the needle. Mine is a 06. Don't know if the jetting is different. Ignition curves are dif, but don't think that will effect jetting that much.

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