Rear sprocket

has anyone gone to a bigger tooth sprocket on the rear...i changed from a 47 to a 50 tooth on my old kdx and it was hard to keep the front wheel on the ground...

A 49 will fit the DRZ400E. The snails will be at about their minimum setting with a 13 tooth CS sprocket. I have not tried to fit the 14 tooth CS to see if I run out of chain length. The 13/49 is pretty low gearing and suited for really steep slow going. Makes the clutch hand a little lazy. I liked the 13/47 better and rode all over Colorado and Moab with that setup on my 2000 DRZ400E. Pretty cheap too just changing the front sprocket. I ended up with the 13/49 when I bought a used 2001 DRZ400E. I am going back to a 47 or 48 and keeping the 49 for special occasions.

The bike will climb anything it can stick to and is a great stump jumper but lacks that long pulling power a 4 stroke is famous for. It is actually slower on acceleration but yes it lofts the wheel clutchlessly with a 1/4 throttle twist.

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