Clutch Basket rework/inserts FYI

I had juniors clutch basket sent out to Stormin Norman's for the finger rework and stainless inserts. Junior can hammer dents in a hinson in 20 miles and is extremely fast and hard on equipment.

You will be updated on this but it may not be an issue on our thumpers as mine is abused and there is minimal drag. Anyway, it is cheap at 130-140 bucks (RM250 is more) and per norman the clutch gets better with age due to the stainless getting buffed up to a mirror finish.

So far Roger DeCoster and my kid are the only RM250-2001 units done and they are 140 due to extra machine work required.

It isn't in bike but back from Norman and looks extremely well done. Replacement stainless inserts, if they ever go bad are 30 bucks.

It works as claimed. Don't think the DRZ will need it since my abuse has caused no problems thus far.

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