Happy Holidays

I'm in the holiday spirit so I thought I'd pass on the greetings from Phoenix, Az.

Everyone have a happy Thanks Giving and a Merry Christmas. If your traveling for the holidays be safe and keep it under 100mph.


Take care...Rob and Mindy....

Same to you. I can't wait for that thanksgiving turkey. :)

"keep it under 100"? I have to, my Powerstroke is goverened not to go over ~95 :)

Happy bird to you and your loved ones.

Yes..happy holidays too you all.

Even though we are hosting the biggest thanksgiving dinner ever...Not so sure I'm looking forward to 48-50 people invading my new house this year.

I'm going to end up standing in the corner eating my dinner off a paper plate...yummy.

i dont come here much to talk but i love the info i get here. happy holidays everyone

and to all a good night

And may visions of DRZ's dance through your head.

And I Wish You All The Best Over The Holiday Season :D:):D:D:D:D

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