XR650R headers that work with stock muffler

Trying to compile a list of XR650R headers that will work with the stock muffler. Most aftermarket companies I have called up have arrogant punks working the phones who insist their headers only work with their muffler without even checking. I'm hoping to find a good header and muffler combination that keeps some low end while keeping the DB level to less than 94 (FMF excluded, but not fond of the low end loss for their Powerbomb header). Thanks. :thumbsup:

I have the fmf powercore IV muffler and stock header. If i upgrade to the fmf high-flow header or powerbomb, will my slip-on still work? I think so. Also the powercore Iv is junk. The strap that holds it on was wearing through the muffler. Or can someone convince me to buy a Pro Circuit T4 full system for $550 new. Almost the same price if my fmf decides to break. FMF is the only one i know to have headers that work with the stock muffler.

hmm i think the larger aftermarket headers might slip over the stock exhust, there was a tonne of thermal tape inside my staintune to get the stock headers to fit and my staintune headers are alot larger im not sure though you might want to get the dimensions

My White Bros header works with the stock muffler.

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