What Chain?

My sprocket's will be needing changed shortly, so I intend just to change the chain at the same time,

My first question is will it be okay to use a split link, as opposed to a soft link or endless chain(which is fitted as standard)??

Is it neccesary to use a O-ring chain, I know it will last longer and stretch less, but it cost about double the price(well from where I will buy it from), It would not bother me changing the chain more often as it's strait forward with a split link,

I do change my gearing abit so that will increase the wear rate (14tooth for off-road,15t for on-road stuff),

Thank's in advance,

Sunny ps what chain's do you reccomend and have tried

I have used D.I.D. chains for many years and am satisfied with them. The RK stock chain was extremely good, also.

I use steel countershaft and steel rear sprockets, also. They just hold up better.(of course I don't think you can get an aluminum countershaft anyway)

I'd stick with an o-ring, as it will cost less in the long run.

I've read good things about Sidewinder stainless steel sprockets, but have never used them.

Yeah - I had a good experience with a Sindwinder chain and sprocket on my old DR350 - but I'll never purchase from those jerkwads again! In my opinion, their customer service SUCKS BIG - If you call them prepare to be treated like an idiot, sent the wrong part, then treated like crap when you call to arrange for a swap. Those guys are jerks - they won't get another dime of my money - I don't care how good their parts are. Other companies - Sprocket Specialists for example, make good equipment too - and they treat you well when you do business with them (and they are cheaper too $$).

RK 520x112 X Ring $51. DID X-Ring Gold is 62.99. Both are excellent chains.Rockmountainmc.com. Comes with one masterlink. Extra spare is $4 for RK and $5 DID Gold..

They do not list sprockets yet for the DRZ but you can call and ask 1-800-336-5437.

Sprocket specialists is very good service and products for the price. They have a big choice of ratios. They are very helpful. They sell aluminum and steel rear and a special heat treated aluminum. Really fast delivery. www.motorcyclesprockets.com or 1-800-782-8200.

I have no affiliation with these companies. Just like their products prices and service.

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