Handlebar height

Hi everyone, I am learning to ride standing while in the woods and I find my bars to be a bit low. I have the stock ones with an inverted additionnal clamp I added to get the forks 1.5 inch lower to match my koubalinks. I'm only 5'6" and I still feel like my nose is over my front wheel instead of standing in a more straight position. What is the best way to figure out what bar I need? When sitting, at what height should my hands be when comparing to my body? Are there disadvantages to having higher bars? I don't want to go the Expensive way so I'm considering buying something like Renthals (or other) aluminium. Should my hands be closer to my body or further out forward?

I'm on the street a lot but that's not a problem. My concern is for trail riding.

Thanks for the advice,


It's impossible to tell you what you need. Try to pay attention to what is making you feel uncomfortable while riding and go from there. I'm 5'9 and run CR High Renthals with an Applied top triple clamp and am fixing to put on some CR High Pro Tapers. The only disadvantages of high bars that I can think of would be hands going numb because they are higher than your elbows or just being uncomfortable for an individual.

Ditto too what CAL said,CR Hi Bend and applied triple clamp.The triple clamp also allowed me to get my weight far enought forward on the forks too allow the front tire to track great.

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You don't need to buy new bars. A friend I ride with is 6' 6" and has simply added another set of bar holders on top of the ones aready there. I can't recall how it all went together but it worked for him. If you're interested I'll find out. Just let me know. It's a lot cheaper. I think he turned his bars a littlr bit forward as well which raises the height even more.

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