Where to Get Cheaper Parts

My local shop rapes me on parts for my DRZ. They charged me $12.00 for a axle nut and washer. The places I found on the net are cheaper but they stick me on shipping. $14.00 for an oil filter and $8.00 for a water pump gasket. Does anyone have a good source that will treat me right?

See if your dealer offers an AMA or racer discount. Two of my local dealers give me 20% off becuase they consider me a racer(mainly because I buy so many parts). All three of our local dealers give at least 10% off for AMA members. You can even see if the dealer will match a price on the net. One of my local dealers will match a price on someting as long as shipping is figured in. For example, I could order a tire for $58. But then they tack on an $8 tire charge, and $7.99 shipping for orders over $50. The dealer sold me the tire for $74 and it was in stock. Most dealers want business, but some can be a pain to deal with. I've gotten to where I only use my catalogs as references for parts and get the parts through a dealer.

Baja Designs sells Suzook parts too. I don't know what their discount is or even if there is one. They seem to have better prices than most other mailorder shops, or at least they match other mailorder prices - perhaps they offer a discount on Suzy parts too.

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