Throttle/Carb question

Ok, this is kinda hard to explain, so just hear me out. Whenever I am slowing down to a stop, or downshifting, basically anytime i let off the throttle, it likes to slam down to idel speed. understand what im trying to get at? it seems like everytime i let off the throttle, its like ive hit the kill switch, or hit the jake brake. I have lubed everything there is to lube, and it accelerates just fine, but the second i let off, the carb slams shut. and when i accelerate again, the throttle kinda sticks and then gives, making it look like i don't know how to ride, further more this dosen't happen if I am just reving it in neutral!! any ideas or should I just give in and take it to the dealership? Thanks, Casey

try the idle adjustment knob? Try going counterclockwise a bit at idle, and see if it helps. How's your throttle cables? I ask because mine just did almost the same thing, the return cable was binding. I know minimal things about these bikes, just going off of experince of my '02 450F and my "new" '00 XR600R.

I have dissassembled all of the throttle parts and sprayed them with wd-40 and also the carb spring with the cable attach to the carb. I was also able to adjust the cables and take out some slack at the carb. This helped it a bit, but it still feels like the carb is just slamming shut, down to idel speed whenever I let off, and the hanging up when i try to accelerate, like its caught on somthing, should I just get new throttle cables? or go to the dealership and see what they think? and another question..... on they don't have schematics for a 1999 XR600r, but they do have parts for a 1998 XR600r, can I just order parts for the 1998? I wouldn't think there is hardly any difference between the two, Thanks Casey

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