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I'll give my 2 cents worth on the dual sport 'S', as for the dirt only model 'E', some of the others will help you out. As for slaming thru the woods, this bike has no problems. Honestly, it will eat up what ever is in it's path, rocky trails, hard packed, steap hills, what ever. I was doing some slalom with the trees on this pretty tight trail today. Doing 20 to 30 mph, weaving in and out, I would definitely say that the DRZ is a quick handler. I absolutely love the bike. I can't help with the RM comparision, as I have never ridin one. I used to think it was heavy, when I had to pick it up alot after a spill, but I'm not doing that to much these days after getting used to the bike. I would not consider it top heavy, and the E model is 30 lbs lighter. As for waking up the motor, piece of cake. Slap in bigger main and pilot jets, cut a 3 x 3 inch hole on the air box, take a 1 5/8 inch hole saw and pop out the end cap restricter, and the beast comes out. :)

An MX bike it's not, but a damn good woods bike 'E' and/or the best dual sport bike 'S' out there.

Hope I gave you an unbiased opinion. :D

I own both the KLX300 and the DRZ400 (kickstart only DRZ400). I am 5'6", with a short leg build. To me the DRZ400 feels tall and heavy. I think the WR426 would feel the same, if I recall, the WR426 is only 3 pounds lighter than the DRZ400 per Dirt Bike magazine.

I like the DRZ400, I just wish I could buy a scaled down version of it. The suspension is on the plush side compared to the WR250, and RM250 I rode. I like it that way, I think the suspension is great.

I softened the rear spring to lower the bike, and it would not steer at all, I almost put a for-sale sign on it. I then moved the fork tubes up until they almost hit the handlebars, about .75 inches, and it was like night and day as far as turning. I don't need a for-sale sign now. I didn't know it made that much difference. As far as your question about a quick handler: the KLX is quicker, and I tend to ride high on tight switchbacks. I can't carve as sharp on the DRZ as the KLX. I don't think a larger person will have as much difficulty as I do though. It's not impossible, I can flip it around, but it definitely is harder to do than on the KLX. The height and weight mostly show up in the super slow root and rock technical stuff. If you don't want the top heavy feel, maybe the KTM400 would be better since it is lighter. I would like to ride a KTM400 to compare. If you are tall you probably won't have the problems I have with the DRZ400. On flat pavement I can just get my toe to the ground, if I get my heal to the ground I am most likely falling over. I like how the bike handles but the height and weight are a bit more than I want.

As for power, I just removed the rubber boot on top of the airbox, I didn't cut anything and I can put it back if I want. I geared down, added 3 teeth to the rear sprocket. It has plenty of power for me, I don't want any more. I think the motor is great, it is very smooth, I hate motors that vibrate too much, like the KTM620 dualsport did. It starts super easy, and doesn't like to stall. It does the typical 4-stroke lag when you are low rpm and wick the throttle though. Some say jetting or a pipe solves that. I like the quiet pipe, and it's actually a pretty good design so I am sticking with it. It isn't that big of a deal so I haven't even played with jetting yet.

One thing you want to do on the DRZ is get radiator guards. The outside plate on the radiators is thin, compare that to the KTM400 you will see a big difference. I bent the crap out of my radiators, but now I have guards.

For me the DRZ400 is too big and I am looking for another bike. Until then, I will still ride it. I have fun and I can do some tough trails, but it is pretty clear it is too big for me. I wish Suzuki made a DRZ300 with the same type of motor and level of detail as the DRZ400, I would buy one right now.

For the last year and a half i have been riding a KDX 200 with plenty of extras...It was quick and nimble through the woods and believe me...we get on a lot of techni. trails...Just got my DRZ 400 E and don't notice much in handling but you definitely notice it when you lay it down...Top heavy , no not for me 6ft. 215lbs. I plan on beefing up the suspension and doing all the carb and air box mods...This bike is just sucking for more air when you ride it stock...Need more info. on a new owners thoughts about the bike let me know... I would say it is a excellent buy...

Don't wait another minute. Run down to your local Suzuki shop and grab the first DRZ400E that you see. I have ridden a lot of dirt bikes over the past 25 years and have raced everything from TT Scrambles in Dade City, FL (1977), the very last Barstow to Vegas (1989), to one of the best MX tracks in the country, Budds Creek MD, not to mention a lot of others in between....... My opinion is that there simply has not been another dirt bike produced (for the $) that is such a pleasure to ride as the DRZ400E. Surf the archives, read some of the riding stories, take a look at some of the pictures that guys are posting here, and maybe you can get a feel of the positive experiences that the majority of DRZ owners are having. Sure, you can throw down a lot more bones ($) and grab a full-on race bike Husaberg, KTM, Gas-Gas....if you really want to, but for sheer pleasure, grab a DRZ, put gas in it and ride till you die. The stock pipe is quiet, so you don't have to worry about disturbing the spotted owl, the power is there, if you are man enough to twist the throttle and hold it open long enough, the tires are good, the shocks and forks are good enough for most humans on the trail, the fit and finish is pretty good (except for the stock tank graphics), the bike as an overall package just simply rips! Sure you will eventually want to put some aftermarket protection on it (radiator guards etc.) but I feel quite confident that you would not be disappointed with it. It may be a little heavier than some, but when you're hooking down the trail, the motor will overcome any concerns of its weight. Mine turns on a dime, (in fact, it took me a while to learn not to turn too sharply). We ride a lot of really tight woods, and the bike is just perfect. My riding buddies refer to my DRZ as a 3 Stroke. With only the air box restrictor removed, the no-$ stock pipe end cap modification, and a K&N air filter, she has the low end power, the throttle response, and the top end needed for almost any type of situation that I have encountered. I am a "B" class harescrambles and enduro rider, and have had absoultly no problem staying with the "tricker" more expensive bikes.

Buy one! Turn the throttle, and hold on.

Thats my 2 cents.

I have moved from a 2 Stroke WR250 to a DRZE and I can say that I am getting the hang of this bike. It carves excellent and I feel that I am way smoother in the tight stuff with the power and handling characteristics. My buddies are whining that I am keeping up and sometimes kicking thier butts where I never used to. I have had a Xr600 before and liked the power also but this bike is great especially with the magic button. Man that is definetely worth it. Yes you have to put a little extra into it but same goes for anything else you buy. :)

My son recently got graduated to a KLX300. I've had a couple of opportunities to ride it and I really like it, a lot. It's way more sane on trails than my YZ250 but lacks a little on open ground. I want to convert to 4-strokism but feel that something with a little more beef in the motor department than the KLX might be the answer. Something that can run more or less w/ 250 MX'ers but can slug/slam its way thru the woods w/o deflecting of every pebble in it's path. I think a 400 is the logical answer but a few questions:

1) I like the KLX's smallish package. It's easy to manhandle thru the tight nasty stuff. As between the DRZ and YZF which has a smaller feel? I'm not necessarily after "small" but would like to avoid the typical top heavy four stroke feel. I can sit on them at the dealer but that doesn't tell you a whole lot.

2) Does the DRZ have the same general carving characteristics as the RM? I know it's probably not much of a contest but can the DRZ be considered a quick handler?

3) To wake the motor up is it necessary to do all the BS you would have to do with the KLX, i.e....different carb, header pipe, etc....

I think I'm serios about this. Someone give me some encouragement.

XDAB, I'm a bit bias, but the DRZe400 is the only trail bike for me. When I first was thinking of buying a 4 stroke I was in a quandary over whether to buy the KTM or YAMA. But after riding the DRZe (e for that fabulous electric start), I was sold. Not to mention the extended 4-year warranty that no other manufacturer offer on their moto’s. Depending on your size and ability the stock DRZ is an absolute joy. I prefer a little more noise and lower gearing so I changed the exhaust and sprockets. This was by choice; the motorcycle doesn’t really need it. I’ve been a happy-camper ever since….

For smaller riders, the only choices are KLX300 or the 250F's.

The KLX300 is nice, but it loses some in fast terrain and is a bugger to start when hot(so is the YZ250 F). A modifed XR250 can be pretty darned nice............... :)

I'm not really sure how to review my Dr400 kicker, it's my first 2 wheeled dirt bike since I was 7 years old.

My friend recommended the Suzook so I found this one used for 4,200. It already had bars, dsp frame guards, scotts rear disc guard, a Yoshi slip on and more....

I road the bike on the street before I bought it and coming off an R-1 road race bike I thought man this bike is slow. Little did I know due to my lack of experience that DIRT changes everything. :)

I have gone back and forth in thought on this bike, I like it, some says it's heavy. Some euro- loyal bikers turn there nose to it. I almost sold the bike because I was concerned of what others thought. I have had this Drz-400 since last may and I get better on it everytime I ride it. Give yourself time to learn this particular bike and forget what others say about it's weight.

It's a great bike for the money, I just put on a scotts top clamp I bought from a TT member. The clamp really opened up the bike for me with the perches flipped, I stand 5'10 so it wasn't cramped, but now I have more room.

I have riden 3 wheelers and road bikes over the years, my memory of riding my Qa-50 and my cr-60 is helping a little HE HE! I would say if I had to buy another bike for myself as a beginner I would still buy this bike again. Reason being when I go by process of elimination there is no other bike out there for the money that starts as easy, has grease fittings on the swing arm, is as cheap to maintain (euro bikes are costly) or is as multi-functional as the Drz has been for me.

My "as they say" 2 schillings worth......

What to buy, what to buy. Speaking from a trail bike perspective, if you want a want a light super fast 4-stroke, the WR250F can be made to fit the bill. Plus its got all the trail stuff that you need. Cut the grey wire, new pipe, and bk carb mod, and you got yourself a screamer. However jetting and starting are problems. If you want insanity, go up to the YZ426F, sucks for the trail though. But if you want easy steering, easy starting, very little jetting fuss, quiet, plush but heavy if you lay it down, the DRZ400E is great. Just don't expect to double it into the whoops like your YZ. As far as comparing it to a RM, don't even try. From my experience, the RM is a bit twitchy and nervouse. Either you love 'em or hate 'em.

Hey DR.billZ, I'm 5' 5" mass of blundering energy. I would never consider anything less than the 4-stocky 400cc with an e-button due to my long 29" inseam...

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