First oil change

Plan on changing the oil at 100 miles where do you guys order your oil filters from and what oil is the best...i have been told to use dyno oil until it is broken in...

Here was my break-in plan and let me tell you I use no oil , adjust no valves and have a quiet motor. Am I lucky or is motor (sorry engine) bullet proof who cares, it worked out fine.

2 miles easy cool off

15 miles little harder

35 miles in deep sand but not alot of RPM or lugging

40 miles hard as hell WFO

== mobil1 15-50 since ===

oil change every 70 to 100 miles

filter every other oil change

If oil looks really grey with clutch I'll fill it with dino and ride around block and dump it then top off with mobil1.

PS Don't get roped into the expensive brands at bike save money for suspension and pro-tapers and a 49 tooth rear sprocket.

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PowerStroke - I think your advice is atypical among forum members that have been posting for a while. I'm not saying that your method doesn't work, but it seems so far from my riding experience and advice from mechanics that I know that I would be scared to death to do as you suggest with a new bike.

GreenRanger - Check these links out:

Oil links:

Break-in link:

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Yea but look at this 500 mile break in at 12 mph through woods ( I am not street legal) is about 41 hours of riding. Can't happen. These bikes are not fragile things. New ring compounds have more rapid seating times and per Suzuki Engineer I talked to on phone seat better under load as opposed to putting around for 500 miles.

He said "PowerStroke-son, you change out blake-in rube and put in sinfetic. You harr Ass! hahah"

Seriously he might have said that I guess.


I am not too far from you. You got any good riding down your way or you wanna goto NJ one week day in dec? I gotta burn some vaca and could use a spotter.

on my kicker I waited a whole 125 miles (2 tankfulls) till I started dropping the hammer.Suzuki's breakin numbers are overkill and more of a CYA issue.I dumped the oil twice by the 125 mile mark and let her rip.My bike shows no ill effects.Perry G another list member stated he never really babied his bike when new either and no problems.

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