Bought a new pipe today!

Hey guys just wanted to let ya know I bought a White Brothers E2 pipe, those of you that have this pipe do like it? is it loud? and what main jets are you running, Thanks :thumbsup:

I have the E2, been runnning it for over a year. With the quiet tip in it makes about the same power as stock with HRC tip, difference is, the E2 is quieter. You can put in the racing tip, it gets more power, but it is louder. Also, when switching to the racing tip, it backfires when you let off the throttle, so rejetting would be optimal when changing tips.

Also, the fit is so so. It is a tight fit, puts alot of stress on the pipe. Enough to break the rivets and crack the weld on the top of the pipe where the mounting hole is. Maybe that was just mine, but it is the second WB pipe that hasn't fit well on my bikes.

On a scale of 1-10, I give it a 6. (The only reason it scores that high is due to the quietness)


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