What's everyone using for ChainLub?

Just wondering what everyone is using on their chain. I've ride strictly Dirt/Trail in the Coal Region of PA,... tried Honda HP Lube and Maxima Chain Wax.

The Honda acts like a magnet for the fine coal dirt and Maxima Wax cakes it up. A friend has been using WD40 for years without any problems on his O-Ring chain and doesn't attract or cake up the dirt.

Guess this weekend I'll try the WD40...


Random K

2001 DRZ400E, airbox open, 165 main, baffels opened

2001 DRZ250E (son's), airbox opened, baffels opened, Utah Sport skid plate :)

I have use chain wax for years. Recently tried BelRay super clean and like it too!

I've used Maxima Chain Wax for years. I don't have any reason to try anything else. Doesn't fling off, I can't remember the last time I bought a chain.

After washing the bike, I use WD40 to clean/dry it, then use 80 wt. gear oil, let that sit about 10-15 minutes, then wipe off the excess. The only key is to keep the o-rings lubed, so in my opinion there is no reason to keep the outside of the chain all gunked up. My chain is lubed every 150 miles or so, plus it stays relatively clean because I wipe off the outside of it.

I use standard silicon spray. It's waterproof and lubricates just fine. Also, clean up is a lot easier.

I use WD40 to clean and remove H2O, then silicon to lubricate.

Engine oil and chain lube is always a multi oppinion topic on every motrcycle BB>

I use NO chain lube, except time to time I spray some silicon spray or WD40 on the "O" rings, so the rubber does not dry up.

I believe that a sealed "O" ring chain does not require outside lubricant, since the lube is sealed inside between the 2 "O" ring.

anything you apply outside will only act as an atractant for dirt.

Dirt + lubricant = exellent grinding paste.

most chain and sprocket wear comes from chain strech, "O" ring chains are excenllent strech resistance.

my bike is now 1 year old, chain and sprockets are in excellent shape, had to addjust the cahin once,it is now in the no.2 on the chain adjuster.

Been using nothing but WD-40 before and after washing or after a particularly wet ride, for 17 years with no problems or excess wear on an o-ring chain, and I've never had a chain or sprocket wear or break (had 5000 mi. on my XR when I sold it). DRZ stuff looks good after 2500 miles. Of course, I ride in Az. where moisture can be sparse.

Clean with WD40 and then shoot it with Maxima chain wax. Doesn't fling off and doesn't attract dirt. But Zsebi-2 is right, it is a very multi opinioned subject. Probably anything to keep it from rusting up would do, because of the sealed in lubrication properties of the O-ring chain itself.

I recently got some Torco Titanium Slide chain lube. It is by far the best chain lube I have found so far. Drys pretty clear and doesn't attract dust. I used the Bel-Ray Super Clean before this, but I like the Torco much better.

Chain wax. Happy Thanksgiving!


well I've tried several brands:

- Castrol - sticky and greasy, looks as a mixture of macadam/burned oil = worst is impossible

- mobil - good

- Shell - good, foam like isn't sticky but too expensive for what it offers!

- Bel-ray - better than others at a lower price!!!

Have nice trails!! :)

I like the Bel-Ray because it seems to attract less crap than the others I've used and the neet looking white paste seems to stay on the chain a bit better.

I use WD-40 and Silkolene O-ring chain lube.

All is good so far!

Thanks All,

Can't get away this weekend,.. son's bike not ready. I'm gonna try the WD40 and see how it works with the coal dust. Probably try some of the other suggestions as time permits.



I've been using nothing but wd-40 and gold series o-ring chains for 10 years with no problems. I race motocross, arenacross, desert and enduros. Mud and sand will do a number on chains though.

I think that as long as you lube your chain that it will last. I lube mine always after I wash it to displace water, that is when I use the WD-40. Before I ride, I ride around the yard and the spray the Silkolene from the inside of the chain while it is warm. Then I load it up and go ride. By the time I get to the trail, the lube has worked its way into the chain and I am ready to rip! :)

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