Warning for Canadian Bajadesigns customers

Canadian ordered a Ken Sean mirror from the Bajadesigns website for $13.95(USD). UPS adds $15.75 (CAD) brokerage fee.

Final cost after shipping $53.00(CAD) + GST.

Where's free trade?


That's for all the "skunky" beer you guys send this way................... :)

I know what you are talking about!!! I'm from Montreal and I order a lot of stuff from the U.S. The key is to have it shipped to the closest UPS office, (HOLD FOR PICK UP) and do the brokerage thing yourself. Or, as I did last time, I had things shipped to the closest U.S. UPS depot, in this case Plattsburg, NY, I drove there (1 hour)picked it up, declared the stuff for half it's value and pay taxes on that amount. Or, have it shipped to someone you know in the U.S., have them "re-package" it and write "GIFT" and/or "USED GOODS" on the box.

It's still a pain in the ***. Free trade is only for MADE IN THE U.S.A. material, with a few exceptions.


Thanks JohnnyDRZ, I'm glad I learned my lesson on an item worth only $13.95. I'll take your advice and ship the item to Buffalo or something.

Baja told me it was my government's fault, but it seems to me UPS Brokerage were the thieves.

Something I forgot to mention: I personaly declared the stuff because I don't think you want your vehicle searched if you are hiding something. This is no time to be tagged as trying to fraud the government. On my way to Plattsburg, at the border they instructed me to "go to the garage on your right". Two BIG GUYS searched my car (an '89 CRX) thouroughly. So I didn't take any chances on my way back!


The UPS office in Niagara Falls NY is looking good. Thanks all, for your help!

Guiness? I thought Americans just sat around pounding Schlitz and bench racing while debating why those poor ol Canucks live where they can only ride 7 months out of the year. Do you want some amusement? Next time that you think parts or accec. are expensive multiply the price by 1.6 and that is what we pay up here. Yikes! Especially when we don't make 1.6 times more.


Originally posted by DR.billZ:

That's for all the "skunky" beer you guys send this way................... :D

Hey Dr.billZ

Skunky beer, eh? It is better then the watered down ---- that you guys send up here!


Yes you have to watch out when you use UPS, I always try to get stuff shipped by regular mail – United States Postal Service, some plase my charge you a bit but you save it in the long run, it is sometimes even faster.


You know why American beer is like making love in a canoe?

Cause its f@#%ing close to water :)

I am not to pleased after getting stuff from the U.S. By the time it arrives with exchange, taxes, brokerage its about double in Canada bucks. Cycra pro-bend hand guards are excellent but cost me $250 on my bike. Same deal with stuff from Baja Designs. But the problem is you can't get it anywhere else.

Oh Yeah about the beer, Okanagan Springs Honey Blonde Ale is Yummy!!!

I forgot how many Canucks there were here! Any, uh, Newfies here :)

Dr.bilZ, stangely enough there are not too many Atlantic province members on here.

Same with our neighbours across the border in Maine i don't think i have seen any on here.

Why is that? I drove down to Springfield Mass. for a log home show last weekend and all through Maine i could see loads of fourwheeler trails.

It looks excellent trail country.

Den 01s


Hey Wobbler and crbid, I feel your pain as I'm in the same boat. I can't find decent on line Canadian web sites to buy parts so I also have to order stuff from the States. Plus our crappy dollar doesn't help. Maybe some kind soul on Thumpertalk can set up a home shipping depot, where they can redirect our orders labelled as "gifts"


01 DRZ400S

Great :) Just gave Bajadesigns my credit card number for the Ken Sean mirror.

Looks like it's going to be another credit card statement I’ll be hiding from the better half!

Are well you live and learn.

My response above was from my mature controlled self.

Just sat here a while thinking of the goodies i would like for my drz but like most are short of the $$.

$13.95 TO $53.00(CAD) + GST what a f#@%^ing rip off :)

Time for a Wateloo Dark wth it's surprisingly light and delicate taste :)

I live in Texas not Canada, but I make my living importing live tropical plants of all things from Thailand, India, and China. If I sat around and paid those outragious brokerage fees I would never make a dime.

I think someone mentioned this before, but I wanted to repeat it just in case. The easiest would be to go ahead and use UPS, DHL, USPS, or any of the other carriers, but ship your item to your nearest port of entry for you to pick up then you do the brokering yourself. Here in the states it is $6 US even for the largest commercial load you can imagine. In the US the owner of the item being imported is the only one who can clear something through US Customs. You can hire a Customs House Broker, but first you must give them power of attorny to clear your product. I am not sure how UPS would be able to broker something without the owner of said item being aware that they are doing it. I would raise a little hell before I paid anything to UPS. I use DHL, Fed Ex, and USPS to ship small items around the world. Most of the time these items stop at the port of my choice for the person on the other end to clear. Since these shipments you are talking about are personal it should not be a big deal to get them cleared.

Feel free to ask me anything about international shipping.

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