wr 400 tank on a yz 426

Anyone know for sure know if a wr 400 tank will fit on a 2000 yz 426? Also, does anyone know what the stock capicity is for a wr 400 tank?

As far as I have read the 400 and 426 tanks are interchangeable and all of the after market companies list the same tanks for 98-02. As far as capacity, the stock 426 tank holds 3.2 gal and I would think the 400 is close to the same :thumbsup:

You need the WR seat as well.

Most people take off their Wr seats and tanks to run YZ stuff

The old WR tanks compromise comfort/seating position plus they look really gay. So unless you are gay you might want to look at a big tank from IMS or acerbis. I believe those tanks are compatible with the YZ seat and shrouds.

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