DR350/DRZ400 oil filters

Does anyone know if the DR350/DRZ400 oil filters are the same part? I have a filter left over from my old 350 and would like to use it if I can. The filter I have is Suzuki Genuine Part # 16510-38240


I just brought home a filter the other day, and the part # on the one they gave me was 16510-29F00

Not a chance.the DRZ's is smaller in diameter.

The DRZ400E oil filter seems to be a new animal. I looked for some cross reference like ATV and street bikes and came up empty handed. The DR350 filter is pretty common and can be bought from lots of sources really cheap. Same goes for the Honda Xr400 and many street bike and atv filters.

Sooo guess we have to keep on friendly relations with the local parts counter or buy a batch from one of the mail order discounters.

Thanks for the replies. Looks like I'm off to the dealer.

Thanks again.

It's either the DR100 or 125 that has the almost exact same oil filter.It's about an 1/8 inch shorter and Jesse from Kientech says he machined a spacer so it fits the 400.I know they are a lot cheaper than the DRZ filters.

Reminder - The stainless steel unit is expensive at $65, but if you are going to be on the DR-Z for more than 13 or so oil changes, you will be saving money in the long run. The word on the SS unit is that it has smaller-than-paper-element pore sizes. Presumably, if the ads are right, it will block more junk, but no one has tested this to be sure. The SS unit is available from Thumper Racing - http://www.thumper-racing.net/cgi-bin/ez-catalog/cat_display.cgi?90X362143

I assume then that the DRZ is using a stock paper filter like the DR? My YZ takes the screen filters stock. I have two that I back flush, and rotate around every three hours of ride time. Consequently, I havn't bought a new filter in over a year. It's not looking like a $24 investment in filters is going to go quite as far with the DRZ. Is Scott that manufacturer of the SS filter?

No, it's not Scott - someone else - I forgot the name of the company. The quality of the unit is good; I just can't attest to the claim that it actually does a better job at filtering oil. In any case, even if it isn't much better, I figure in the long run I'll save money on the deal.

I bought some paper filters from Chaparral (you can find their ad in any dirt bike magazine) for $2.99 each. HIFLOFILTRO brand, part# HF139. Chapparal part# 314-0140. It is best to order a bunch of them at a time or with something else so the shipping doesn't get you.

Thanks for the info.

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