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Im am considering buying a 99 yz400f because they are considerably cheaper than a 02 CRF450. What do you guys think about this bike. Good comments, bad comments, anything. :thumbsup:

I have owned a 98 400 since new. Only ride it in the desert. It's been great to me and have had very few problems with it. I've owned Honda's, Suzuki's and other YZ's in the past, and it is by far, the most fun, fast and reliable bike I have ever owned. I have owned mostly 2 smoke bikes in the past, but the YZF's are in a class of their own. Check it out thoroughly before you lay down the cash. Good luck

I have a 98 400. It's been flogged pretty hard but seems to handle it. I like all the yamis though. The yz 4strokes are noisy though.

Im only 15 years old and im wondering if it will be to heavy for me. Does anyone know the acutal riding weight?

Im only 15 years old and im wondering if it will be to heavy for me. Does anyone know the acutal riding weight?

I use to ride a 77 TT500 when I weighed 150-155 lbs on the trails. A yz400f is a feather compared to that pig.

If it has been maintained it will be a great bike. I still have a 99 400 which I purchased new. It is a very reliable bike. It is still on the original valves and just its second piston. I couldn't begin to count the hours or miles this bike has on it....

I just got one about a month and a half ago, it's just plain awesome. I put a big tank on it and a JD jet kit and I couldn't be happier with it. From what I've heard on here, the valves hardly ever need adjusting and rarely wear out. That is something I know most crf riders can't say for their bikes.

Is $2200 a good price for a 99

I payed 1800.00 for mine 5 months ago. White Bros pipe, Boyseen Accel. cover, jet kit, new Renthal' bars. I put an IMS tank and handgaurds on it and I love it. The thing pulls through the gears like crazy. Just learn to start it and you'll be happy. I raced my buddies KTM 525 and he didn't beat me by much granted he weights 45 pounds more then I do. His speedo had us at 80-85mph. You'll love the bike. :thumbsup:

Im only 15 years old and im wondering if it will be to heavy for me. Does anyone know the acutal riding weight?

the actual weight of the 98 yz 400 is about 250-260. If you're a decent rider I think you can handle the bike....just be careful, the power is incredible if you're not used to it! I went from a CR125 to thid 400 and i'm still getting used to it and its been about two months. This is by far the best machine I've ever owned :thumbsup:

I love mine. It will definitely feel heavy compared to a 125, so be prepared.

BTW, they're as reliable as a rock. I'm the third owner, and mine runs great. It was well taken care of.

I just got a 1999 yz400f a few weeks ago after I blew up my 125.

It really only took me a couple of laps to get used to the power...And I love it.

I can short shift, and pull 3rd gear out of even really tight corners. :thumbsup:

Just don't try to go too fast too soon and you'll be fine. :thumbsup:

I have owned my '99 since new. I haven't ever replaced the valves and I have only replaced the seals once. I race novice class in motocross and I am moving to expert in the desert. I replace the oil and filter after every race and after every third trail ride. I have so many hours/miles on it it's not even funny. I have never had a problem starting or restarting after a fall. I worked for a yamaha dealer so I replaced the piston and rings once a year that's all. Be prepared to crash though. It's heavy and fast, but it's also the most fun I have ever had on a bike. Get it practice and enjoy!!!

I had a 400 before my 450 and it was sweet! the power took a little to get used to but i came off a POS 1985 xr 250. we still have the bike and haven't had any problems with the motor at all! they are sweet bikes and super reliable. my brother rides it now and he's 15... :thumbsup:

I bought a '99 YZ400F about a month ago, and I'll tell you what... I should have done it earlier... I had it out for over 4 hours this past Sunday and enjoyed every minute. The power does take some getting used to, but that bike can handle just about anything thrown at it (conditions wise).

$2,200 seems a bit high if you ask me. I paid 1,850 for my 426 a little over 5 months ago and it had some goodies as well. Used, but still good. For 2,200 I'd say that thing would have to be pretty emaculate!

what about $3k for a 1999 Yamaha YZ400F Supermoto? Also wondering if i could make this bike street legal.

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