Anybody have a Right Radiator for a wr450F???

I fell on a rock this past weekend and pushed mine in really good. Even with the rad brace that I made thats 1/4 thick, it still ruined the rad. Can anybody help me out with a used one in good shape? Thanks guys!

If ya do please just PM me, thanks

I sold a pair from 00 yz426 to my buddy,he got 05 wr 450 .It's slightly differrent,but it fit on the left side.I'll will ask him tomorrow if the right side will fit or not.May be he will sell it to you.


I can't help you out with the radiator because I just sold mine here on TT a couple months ago but you should check e-bay.

If you are forced to buy a new one, DO NOT go out and buy a Right Hand OEM radiator :confused: it will cost over $300.00 and it will be a piece of $hit just like the one you bent.

For $400 you can buy a set (RH and LH) of Fluidynes from the TT store. If it's your first purchase from TT you will get a discount and the shipping will be free. Fluidynes are probably the last radiators you will ever have to buy for the bike :thumbsup:

Then as I did, you can sell your one good side OEM and recoup some of your money :thumbsup:

Don't buy new send them to Mylers! This guys does fantastic, quick, and reasonably priced work.

I give him :thumbsup::thumbsup:

I 2nd the Mylers recommendation. They have fixed several radiators for me and my friends and do a great job every time. I just had one I tried to get fixed someplace else and they told me it could not be repaired "the aluminum is too thin and it can't be welded". I sent it to Mylers, $80.00 later, it's back on the bike, works and looks fine.

i broke my left in an acident (engine intake pipe slightly seperated)

my 06 is about 1 month old so basically my right rad is brand new

btw i used this radiator repair kit as a temp fix but it actually held up extremely well

its like jb weld but called a tank repair kit

i have ran the weld for about 700km so far and still no leaks

my fluidynes came yesterday and plan to install with unabikers very soon

lemme know if info needed

Don't buy a new radiator have myler fix it! I've used him twice in one week, you'll be pleased.

Thanks a ton guys!!! I think I am going to see what mylers can do with it. Possibly going to get a new wr soon anyways so I am not going to dump any money into fluiddynes. Would have 2 years ago. I very much appreciate the help. Later

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