Will S/SM Muffler Fit an E Header ??

Just wondering if the muffler is the same on all models with the header being a larger diameter on the E. The S/SM appears to have a bushing at the junction of the header and the muffler. Can I keep my SM muffler and simply add an E header ???

Yep :thumbsup:

But i tot the the E ID is 41mm which is the same as the S/SM OD which is also 41 mm unless you force it in...?

You will successfully install the larger diameter "E" header to a midpipe of lesser diameter than intended for the "E". However, this is still a good idea if you also open up the muffler, because most of the power loss of the restrictive "S" system is in the header.

You will have to pack the joint, though. It's gonna be sloppy-loose. I have the reverse...an "E" midpipe on an "S" header.

Crap. :thumbsup:

No, that will not work. It will make me way too jealous and you will not be able to ride the bike outdoors for fear of me stealing this header when your back is turned.

Seriously, yes it will work with modifications to the "donut" joint between it and the "S" pipe if any remains.

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