Looking for a bore kit cant find one anywhere

alright im buying a 89 xr600 that needs a top end rebuild but i figured i'll just buy a big bore kit for it but damn i cannot find one anywhere can any of you gurus help me out with a link to a site or a phone number and some prices possibly

sorry i shoulda been more specific i want one the doesnt need to bore my own head just install a new one

Say what? You can have your own cylinder (not the head) bored and honed for less $ than you can find a new one with the stock bore. And you can probably buy a new aftermarket piston and rings for less than the Honda oversized ones. If you're hoping to slap a new piston and rings of the same size as what you have now, you may be disappointed with the results. I'd call Wiseco and ask them if they still have the 9:1 compression ratio "kit".

im looking for a bolt on big bore kit is available for the bike, like they make for the crf and a few other bikes i dont want to wait to have my cylinder resleaved etc etc just bolt on a kit and go.....unless a kit like this does not exist then i'll just have to find a good shop to do it for me

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