I want my DRZ in NYC!

Hello guys! I hope you are all well. I moved to New York City this past Monday. Only for a couple months. Boy do I miss my bike. I would love to have it here. I could ride over cabs during rush hour grid lock. It's ok though, as soon as I get back to Los Angeles I'll be taking her out right away.

I couldn't sleep Monday night and I have a rental car for a few days so I took a ride downtown to where the World Trade Center once stood. WOW!!! The TV does not come close to what it is really like. First of all when you get within a few blocks there is a stench of dust in the air and the ground is covered with water and muck because they rinse the trucks and police cars off when they leave the area. I think it's couse of asbestos danger. I got as close as possible with out getting in trouble. It is shocking! There stand about 20-30 stories of twisted, mangled, burnt metal and debris. It is very erie.

Well I'll continue to check out this site and hear about you all riding while I'm subwayin' it. Happy Holidays!


LADRZ400s, if it gets unbearable, take a 70 mile ride north to Middletown and you can ride mine. There is a nice set of trails right across the street from my house. :D Happy holidays to all. :)

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