lower end noise

I have what appears to be a rod knock in my 2000E. It only happens when the motor is under a load and not at idle. My bike only has about 600 mi and has not used any oil. I am new to the 4-stroke world and was wondering if this is a common noise with the DRZ? I love the bike but the noise concerns me. Comments please.

There are a lot of moving parts in a 4 stroke that make noise.How do you know its coming from the lower end?You are obviously on the bike when you hear it so it may be the top end and you are mistaken.The top end is noisy with two cams going and all the other top end parts.The 4's get more noisy with break in as well.If you are really thinking it's the lower end take a long screwdriver and place it on the lower end and then the top of the motor and listen.It should magnify where the noise is coming from.

Turn the radio up and forget nabout it. Paying attention to 4-stroke noises will drive ya nuts.

Yup I agree I say ignore it. Who doesn't make a little noise out of their bottom end once in awhile? :)

Its probably piston slap which is normal. These short stroke engines don't have much of a piston skirt so they rattle a little.


Yup! Mine rattles too. I think it's just the nature of the beast, Mine doesn't rattle all the time, if it did I'd be checking it out. When I'm in the sweet spot of the power band the motor just purrs, purrs,purrs. :)

Thanks for the info. I'm just going to run it untill she comes apart.

Thats the spirit!!

I pushed the bike back to the pits and told the wrench that I didn't know what happened. When it should have gone varoom, varoom,varoom, it went tinkle,tinkle,plink!

That's not my rod laying there is it?

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