Yamaha of Europe Radiator Guards

I would like to mention that I purchased Yamaha of Europe Radiator Guards for my 06 YZ450 with the help of a fellow Thumper. For some reason these guards are not available here in the states. Yamaha of Europe runs their own separate performance parts business similar to GYTR. If any of you are familiar with the KTM Hard Gear Line the guards are equivalent and I would be willing to bet made by the same manufacturer. Only difference you can buy the KTM stuff here. After a worth while wait I received a pair the other day. I installed them on the 450 in about half an hour last night. They fit perfectly with no alteration and provide unrestricted airflow maintaining the OEM louvers. They are stout and sturdy to say the least, there is no question they are going to provide real protection. I have not been this satisfied with a purchase since I picked up the 06 450. If any of you have friends over in Europe I would highly recommend you seek there assistance in securing a set for your pride and joy. The price is comparable to the retail price of the guards being sold here in the US only the shipping is obviously more costly. To me it was worth it.

I have them also installed on my bike, top quality! Nice to hear you are happy with them Joe.


OK, can we find them online, and about how much were they? I was going to order some today but did a search here and just found these. I prefer OEM to aftermarket 90% of the time.

I want a set of those.....somebody help me....please :crazy:


ONE thing good in Europe then, besides Stefan Everts..:ride:


Just remember the ones I purchased are for the 06 YZ450, I also purchased them for our 06 250Fs. I don't know if they are the same design for the early model bikes with the steel frame. They cost approximately $100.00 US dollars. The oversea shipping is expensive so I would recommend to try to go in with other 450 06 owners to save some. Or just go for it. They are the real deal!

:crazy: Those are sweet!Can you post the phone # or web site so I can get a set??thanks man :ride:

Sweet I have a set on order............ :ride::ride:

Group purchase will lower the shipping cost folks.....come on..... :crazy:

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