Thumper Racing – Closed?

Has anyone dealt with Thumper Racing in the past few weeks? I place order with them last week over the Internet and I never heard any thing back. My card has not been billed yet. I have tried contacting them by email, phone and fax with no luck.

I talked to two diffrent people on 11/14/01 happy thanksgiving jim

Perhaps they just choose to ignore those pesky Canadians. What with all the UPS charges and all. :)

So I figured out why that weren't answering the phone today - American Thanksgiving - but that still doesn't answer my question of all the other times I have tried.

I talked to the nice lady today a Thumper Racing. Relief. Their computer that takes the Internet orders was down. I got my order to them over the phone. And no, they will not be shipping my order by UPS, so I wont get hosed by having to pay the broker.

It is nice when a shop will go that extra bit for you.

Glad you will get your parts Stephen. The 400 pits today (Fri 23rd) were pretty slippery. Only saw one other guy, bombing around on his go-cart thingy??


Hi Stephen,

How long did they say it would take to get to you, and how did you ask them to send it if not by UPS?

I just told them I didn't want them to send it by UPS, I didn't care if it cost me more (as long as it was less then $40 CND) more. She didn't say how long but she said it would take a extra day to sent it, I think they will send it by US Post so they actully have to take it to the post office. Standard package from Canada to US takes about 5 to 7 days so it should be about the same.

UPS standard takes about the same.

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