Cheapo dual sport kit

I'm trying to help out a buddy with no mechanical skills. He has a 650r and needs to get it "Michigan" legal. The $400 dual sport kits are way out of the budget and we don't need most of it.

We don't need or want turn signals or a battery and don't need brighter lights, he will never be riding at night. A bicycle horn and mirror are fine. We are going with an LED brake light and hydraulic switch, so all that's left is the headlight.

I've read several times that you can get a glass replacement bulb for the stock headlight? Can anyone tell me who sells them, or waht to ask for at the auto parts store. Also which dual filament headlight bulb will fit it and work with the stock stator.

Call Baja designs, they'll have everything you need.

or try ebay they have the bare bone kits alot of the time for sale. pretty sure it comes with the bare minimum which is exactly what you are looking for. if i remember right they are usually under 200 dollars

I just got a Baja designs kit from Ebay today for 350$ I think regular price is over 450 for a cal. legal kit it took about a month of looking but you can find a deal

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